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How to keep your dog safe in and out of the water this summer

Many people have been especially cooped up these past few months. That anxiousness we feel to get outside, stretch our legs, and maybe even cool off a bit in the water, you can bet your dog is feeling it too. For humans and pets alike, swimming is a great physical activity that keeps us happy and healthy, but it’s important to pay close attention to our furry companions’ grooming needs in the process. Whether your pup is diving into the deep end or taking a dip in the river, water can play a big role in their coat and overall health. Here are some tips to keep your companion safe this summer. 

Always bathe your pet after a swim

Immediately bathing your pet post-play time is a great way to protect their skin and coat. Chlorine from pools can irritate sensitive skin. Rinsing your dog off right away can keep her safe and comfortable. If your pooch prefers lakes or rivers, make sure to rinse any sand away as soon as possible. Sand can make their skin itchy and lead to an unpleasant wet dog smell. What about an ocean run? Saltwater can take a toll on your dog’s skin. Pair that with the sand and you’ve got an uncomfortable combo. Rinsing right away is the best way to keep your pup looking and feeling good. 

Protect your pup’s ears

Wet ears, namely in the ear canal, are a major risk for ear infections in dogs. Gently drying your furry friend’s ears with a towel can greatly reduce the risk of infection. But be careful, sticking a towel or any other object into your dog’s ear canal can cause serious damage. Make sure to regularly check your pup’s ears for any signs of infection including redness or a foul odor and contact [insert vet] right away if you notice any issues. 

Prepare with sunscreen and paw pad protection 

Just like us, dogs can get sunburnt while enjoying playing outdoors. Specially formulated sunscreen for dogs is a great way to protect your pup from damaging sun rays that can be particularly harmful to pets with thin fur or no undercoat. Anything from hot sand to the sidewalk on the way to the beach can damage your dog’s paw pads. For sensitive paws, you can try booties to keep them covered, or a dog-friendly balm to assist with minor irritation.         Your pet is just like family, and you want to make sure they can enjoy their time outdoors just as much as you. If your pet appears to be experiencing any discomfort after some playtime in the sun, or could just use a little extra cleanup from a professional groomer after a great time outside, make sure to call Town and Country Animal Hospital at 503-761-2330 today!