Wellness & Preventative Services

Town and Country Animal Hospital recommends an annual examination for maintenance of young and adult animals and bi-annual examinations for senior pets, (cats are considered seniors at the age of 9 and dogs at the age of 7). We carry all required and recommended vaccinations for both cats and dogs. We also carry a wide variety of prescription diets and wellness products such shampoos, cleaners, flea treatments and supplements. Our staff is knowledgeable about all the products we carry and would be glad to consult with regarding your pet's particular needs

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Flea Life Cycle

There are 4 different life stages for a flea. There are also more fleas in your pets environment than actually on your pet.

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Behavior Specialists

As in human medicine, we in the veterinary field have specialists and referral centers for our patients too. Our veterinarians, at Town and Country Animal Hospital, are well educated in all aspects of the veterinary field, which is an enormous task. For those occasions when our vets think a patient could benefit from specialized care, we rely on a number of different referral centers to help provide more detailed diagnostic work and treatment for our patients.

A collaboration like this ensures that your pet receives the ultimate care and the most up-to-date treatments. These hospitals are a crucial part of the veterinary field, without them we would not be able to provide the precise care required by very delicate  or complex cases. If your pet is referred to one of these hospitals, we will continue to provide your pets regular veterinary care or aftercare as recommended by the specialist.

The veterinarians at our hospital regularly receive updates and full reports from these outside specialists to keep them informed of what is going on with your pet. Our doctors consult and brainstorm with the doctors from the referral centers to plan the most beneficial course of action.

Please schedule an examination with one of our veterinarians if you think your pet may need to see one of these highly recommended veterinary specialists and/or referral centers. You may click on the links next to the specialist or referral center to be taken to their website.

Veterinary Cancer Referral Center. When the diagnosis is cancer…the Veterinary Cancer Referral Center is there for you and your pet. Visit Veterinary Cancer and Referral Center @ www.pdxcancervet.com

Allergy & Dermatology Veterinary Referral Center provides diagnostics, treatment and care for a variety of skin & allergy conditions. Visit Allergy & Dermatology Veterinary Referral Center @ www.advrc.com

VDIC gives you advanced diagnostics and treatment options, like ultrasound and radioiodine (I-131) therapy, that can provide the answers you need to make important medical decisions for your pet.Visit Veterinary Diagnostic and Imaging Center (VDIC) @ www.vdic.com

Animal Behavior Clinic. Board Certified Veterinary Behavioralist. Diagnosing and treating behavior problems of companion animals. Visit the Animal Behavior Clinic @ www.animalbehaviorclinic.net

Veterinary Surgery & Orthopedics is a referral center specializing in advanced anesthesia and comprehensive pain management. Visit Veterinary Surgery & Orthopedics @ www.vetsurgeryortho.com

VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialist Animal Hospital is a refferal center and emergency hospital. Specialist referrals include internal medacine, oncology, neurology, opthalmology, surgery, imaging, emergency & critical care. Visit VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialist @ www.vcanwvs.com

More than just a vet, Portland Oregon's Town and Country Animal Hospital is your animal's second family.